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Meet our Team


Michael Maciolek

Senior, Political Science Major, Psychology Minor

“I chose to be a PAC as I know a lot of new students are confused about things like enrollment, and I would like to help them out.”

Jillian Vlacancich

Junior, Criminology Major, Pre-Law

“I enjoy being a peer advisor because I feel like I promote a student’s success by acting as an academic resource and assisting them when they are transitioning into to TCNJ.”

Naomi Odusanya

Junior, Psychology Major


“I choose PAC because I wanted to help students transition into TCNJ the way upperclassman helped me when I was a freshman.”

Deisha Inniss

Junior, History Major

EOF and Cooperman

“Being a Peer Advising Coach has been one of the most rewarding things I have been apart of on campus, allowing me to provide in-person assistance to different types students at the college has truly been one of the best learning experiences.”

Alea Mayer-Costa

Junior, Special Education and English Dual Major

Provisional Mentor

“I love being a Peer Advising Coach because I get to interact with different types of students in the TCNJ community. I know that being a new student can be overwhelming, (I’ve been there!) now I enjoy being the guidance that these students need.”